Hodgins Excavating is a professional excavation contractor founded and working in Prince George that works with every type of client from companies in heavy industry to community members with residential projects. We are committed to providing quality work and a reasonable turnaround for any residential, commercial, and industrial projects in the Prince George area.

We are a company that focuses on providing the average homeowner and new builders with access to reliable excavation services. Quality, safety, respect, and open communication are the pillars of our business, and they’ve led us to a history of completing projects both efficiently and safely. We don’t place a priority on the size of the project. If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We’re fully equipped and happy to handle both large-scale projects and smaller, insured excavation jobs. At the end of the day, we’re here to help.

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Hodgins Excavating Ltd. was founded by Aaron Hodgins after he moved to Prince George and was impressed by its people and community. Wanting to set down roots, Aaron chose to build a company founded on principles like honesty, quality, and professionalism that he, his employees, and his clients could be proud of. With over a decade of experience in industrial, commercial, and residential settings, Hodgins Excavating is dedicated to providing safe, reliable work to anyone who needs our help.


Prince George is our home, and it’s been supporting us as a business for years, so we consider it our responsibility to give back as much of the love the city has shown us as we can. Giveaways, supporting local kids’ sports teams, and donations to local charities and causes are just a few of the ways we support our hometown.


We belong to one of the most regulated industries in Canada, so naturally, safety is the foundation of every project we take on.

Our first safety measure is always to contact line locators to mark the locations of any buried utility lines well before we start digging. This ensures that we can provide an exceptional level of safety and avoid any delays or incidents on site. Our operations manager will then complete a thorough site assessment to determine any potential hazards, which we then use to build a thorough safety plan and conduct a meeting so our team to be made aware of them.

Environmental regulations are critical, and often require permits and special safety measures to protect both our workers and the environment. We also supply protective barriers, such as fencing, that will keep any unauthorized personnel outside of the excavation site as well as flagging and traffic control when projects overlap with public spaces.

And of course, everyone inside the site, including employees and contractors, wears appropriate PPE at all times. It sounds small, but it’s consistently adhering to even the little details in best safety practices that keep everyone on our project sites safe.

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